Adminswift Buttons Configuration

There are two types of buttons. The sidebar-buttons (the buttons  of the sidebar) and the action-buttons (the buttons at the buttons panel).
sidebar-buttons can be reordered, changed in text and icon. For action buttons, the underlying link can also be defined.


Main Buttons

edit mainbut

At the button edit page, you can configure the Label, the icon and what to show.
Unpublished buttons will be hidden, so your sidebar shrinks.


Icon selection

 All icons are based on the Font Awsome iconset integrated in Joomla. The Font Aesome icons are defined with meta information. The search field uses these infos to select the icons, stored with the keyword entered. E.g. "arrow" shows all icons that have been defined with the "arrow" meta information.






edit actionbut

Action Buttons

Acton buttons have an additional "Action" field. Here you can specify the underlying link.
Beside the predefined ones, you can also define your own one.









Predefined links

 Action Description Version
Media Show the Media-Manager page. free
Users Show the User-Manager page. free
Plugins Show the Plugins-Manager page. free
Site Modules Show the Module-Manager for all site modules. free
Articles Show the Articles-Manager page. free
Menus Show the menus-Manager page. free
Set Editor

Shows a dialog to change the current editor directly.

dlg seteditor

Global Config Show the Joomla global configuration page. pro
Install Show the extension install page. pro
Template Styles Show the template styles page. pro
Site Templates Show the site template page. pro
Update Extensions Show the Joomla extension updates page. pro
Languages  Show the languages page. pro
Groups Show the groups page. pro
Actions Show the actions page. pro
Dashboard Show the Joomla adminstator dashboard. pro
Global Checkin Show theglobal checkins page. pro
Cache Show the cache management page. pro
Article Categories Show the article categories page. pro
Scheduled Tasks Show the task scheduler page. pro
Admin Modules Show the Module-Manager for all administrator modules. pro
Content Languages  Show the content languages page. pro
Languages Overrides  Show the language overrides page. pro
Fields  Show the fields page. pro
Field Groups  Show the field groups page. pro




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